Friday, January 30, 2015

Phil Collins - "We Said Hello Goodbye"

Phil Collins turns 64 years old today. As a lad, I was pretty familiar with his Grammy-winning 1985 album No Jacket Required. (I still remember the typically awful joke Mad made about its hit single "Sussudio," which, the magazine mentioned, he recorded in his stu-, stu-, studio.) But since my family only had the album on cassette, I never heard "We Said Hello Goodbye," which was a B-side that was added to the end of the compact disc. (I still recall a time when people didn't automatically call them CDs -- or a time when people actually owned CDs.) Anyway, only recently becoming familiar with "We Said Hello Goodbye," I have a certain fondness for its mannered orchestral elegance. Or maybe I just outright love it. I'm not even sure anymore.