Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sundance 2012: 'Red Lights' review

Despite some reservations, I liked Buried, the 2010 thriller starring Ryan Reynolds as an ordinary man who finds himself buried alive in a box and must find a way to get out alive. That film's director, Rodrigo Cortes, is back with Red Lights, a bigger but not necessarily better follow-up. This one stars Cillian Murphy and Sigourney Weaver as paranormal investigators who seek to disapprove claims of the supernatural. But in their path is Robert De Niro as an infamous blind psychic who went into seclusion 30 years ago. If this sounds a bit like a graphic novel, you're on the right wavelength. Unfortunately, Red Lights is overlong and overwrought -- Cortes takes this enjoyably preposterous premise ridiculously seriously. Red Lights sure isn't boring, but unfortunately it sure isn't that good, either. My review is at Screen International.