Wednesday, March 23, 2016

True/False 2016: The Wrap-Up

This year for True/False, I decided to focus less on individual reviews and instead immerse myself in as many films as I could. (The fewer reviews you write at the festival, the more time you have to see stuff.) And I tried my best to cover the proverbial waterfront, including sampling one of the Neither/Nor selections. (I, however, didn't make it to any of the secret screenings.)

The below ranking does not include Concerned Student 1950 for two reasons: It's a short, and I missed the first five minutes. But it's incredibly inspiring, and I recommend checking it out online. Now, on to the list...

19. Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You 
18. Life, Animated
17. Sonita
16. Behemoth 
15. Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John 
14. Helmut Berger, Actor
13. Weiner
12. The Pearl
11. Starless Dreams
10. Jim: The James Foley Story
9. Kate Plays Christine
8. Tickled 
7. Cameraperson
6. All These Sleepless Nights
5. The Killing of America
4. Thy Father's Chair
3. Peter and the Farm
2. The Prison in Twelve Landscapes
1. The Other Side

For Paste, I wrote a gargantuan overview of the year's festival, taking a close look at how many of the films focused on the question of watching and being watched. This yearly piece is one of my favorites, and so I hope you enjoy.