Friday, August 29, 2014

Tears for Fears - "Head Over Heels"

This video for "Head Over Heels" features...

1) a really cross librarian.
2) a dude in a gas mask.
3) a monkey wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey.
4) a Jew and an African-American putting aside their differences. (A message!)
5) flying index cards.
6) the worst attempt at faking a keyboard solo ever.
7) a really stupid canted-angle framing gimmick.
8) terrible permed hair.
9) a lead singer who can apparently float through the air.
10) animated four-leaf clovers. (They mention them in the song!)
11) leather jackets.
12) inexplicable flashbacks to childhood.
13) all of the above.

(Have a safe Labor Day, everyone.)