Friday, April 12, 2013

'Scary Movie 5' Review

The last movie I reviewed before my wedding was Scary Movie 4. I always wondered if the excitement leading to my nuptials led me to have an overly positive opinion of the film -- my rave lasts here for posterity -- but I think it had more to do with my undying love for David Zucker, who directed that installment. Alas, Scary Movie 5 is helmed by Malcolm D. Lee, and it's really, really awful. Here's my Screen International review.

Also, one last thing: I know that some of my colleagues have objected to the way actress Lidia Porto is degraded in the movie. Or, more specifically, how her ethnicity is mocked in the film. In Scary Movie 5's very meek defense, I think the movie is actually mocking the offensively stereotypical Latina housekeeper character from Paranormal Activity 2, played by Vivis Cortez, who knew a comical amount about religious voodoo. Like everything else in Scary Movie 5, this particular piece of satire is handled poorly, but I wanted to just throw that out there.