Tuesday, March 05, 2013

True/False 2013: 'Twenty Feet From Stardom' Review

Twenty Feet From Stardom will do quite well with its target audience. I mean, some folks are gonna love this movie. Directed by Morgan Neville, the documentary sings the praises of background vocalists. We don't know their names or what they look like, but we recognize them on songs like "Gimme Shelter." This is one of those feel-good, crowd-pleasing films, although it's rather predictable in how it goes about its rock-doc business. Nonetheless, it gets the job done. My review of Twenty Feet From Stardom can be found at Screen International.

On a side note, at the Q&A after the True/False screening, Neville said that he had enough material to do a sequel, and if he ever did, I hope there's some discussion about how integral female voices were to Steely Dan's sound. (I may be the only person interested in this, but, hey, it's my blog.)