Tuesday, March 21, 2017

True/False 2017: The Rankings and the Rundown

As per norm, I had a great time in Columbia, Missouri, and as per norm, I wrote a massive tome for Paste that chronicled just about everything I saw at True/False. That rundown, you can read here. If you're more interested in a conventional ranked list, here you go. Links lead to individual reviews...

23. Long Strange Trip
22. Dina
21. Distant Constellation (work-in-progress)
20. The War Show
19. Step
18. Brimstone & Glory
17. Whose Streets?
16. Safari
15. Railway Sleepers
14. Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
13. Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
12. Manifesto
11. Communion
10. Quest
9. Strong Island
8. Miss Kiet's Children
7. The Force
6. Stranger in Paradise
5. The Graduation
4. Lindy Lou, Juror Number 2
3. Casting JonBenet
2. Rat Film
1. I Am Not Your Negro

I am very curious to check out Lindy Lou and Rat Film again. The latter has, more or less, been a big hit on the festival circuit. As for Lindy Lou, I know many who were underwhelmed by it at True/False, where it had its premiere. I think it's really remarkable. But, like I said, you can read all about those movies (and many more) over in my Paste piece.