Sunday, February 07, 2016

'Deadpool' Review

I imagine that at least one review of Deadpool is going to contain the line, "This ain't your dad's superhero movie!" or some such. This Ryan Reynolds vehicle wants to make sure you get that this is a snottier, coarser version of Iron Man or Captain America. People swear! A lot! And the violence is a lot more graphic! And the main character is kind of a jerk! Oh my!

I'm very torn about Deadpool. Overall, I think it's pretty darn funny, and I enjoyed the sarcastic, too-hip-for-the-room tone. But I also wish the film's comedic success rate was higher, and I wish the movie wasn't so darn pleased with its irreverent stance. It's a thumbs-up, with reservations. My review is live at Screen International.