Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Conversation With Peter Labuza for 'The Cinephiliacs'

I think the first time I heard of Peter Labuza was back in 2012 when he wrote "Between the Pitches: Why Film Critics Love Baseball," a very smart piece that connects a fondness for the national pastime with an appreciation of slow cinema. A longtime Twins fan, Peter is now at USC as a PhD candidate in Critical Studies and Annenberg Fellow at the School of Cinematic Arts. (When I went to SC, it was just known as "the film school.")

Anyway, he's an impressive guy, and I was honored to be on his podcast, The Cinephiliacs, to discuss my background, my philosophy on film criticism, and my latest book, Public Enemy: Inside the Terrordome.

I am grateful to Peter for his thoughtful attention to my book and his smart questions. And I'm also happy that I got to talk about the movie with which I've been obsessed since finally seeing it a few years ago, Stop Making Sense. I hope you enjoy our conversation.