Tuesday, June 03, 2014

'Edge of Tomorrow' Review

Edge of Tomorrow is one of Tom Cruise's best recent films. A sci-fi Groundhog Day, the movie features the ageless wonder as a soldier forced to relive the same day on the battlefield again and again. It's smart and funny and a blast. I reviewed the film for The Verge.

(P.S. I have to acknowledge this great observation from Mark Lisanti about Edge of Tomorrow's less-than-inspiring title: "This movie began its life with the much-cooler title All You Need Is Kill, but there was no way a $100 million–budgeted Tom Cruise blockbuster vehicle was coming to market with any kind of murder-branding.... So the Warner Bros. marketing department’s Inoffensive Phrase Generator coughed up Edge of Tomorrow, which could have just as easily fit on a one-sheet featuring a sopping wet Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams clinching atop a seaside cliff.")