Monday, March 31, 2014

True/False 2014: The Wrap-Up

About a month ago, I attended True/False for the second year in a row. One of the world's major documentary film festivals, True/False runs four days and serves as an excellent primer for what's going on in the world of nonfiction filmmaking. Like last year, I wrote an epic piece for Paste about my experience at the festival, but I'd also like now to do my ranking of the films I saw. This includes ones screened before and after the festival. (Links go to individual reviews.)

18. Tim's Vermeer
17. Private Violence
16. Dusty Stacks of Mom
15. 20,000 Days on Earth
14. E-Team
13. Particle Fever
12. Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
11. Happy Valley
10. Jodorowsy's Dune
9. Concerning Violence 
8. Killing Time
7. Rich Hill
6. Actress
5. Approaching the Elephant
4. Manakamana
3. The Overnighters
2. Boyhood
1. The Unknown Known