Wednesday, February 05, 2014

On 'Mitt' and Being a Loser

One of my favorite stories of this year's Sundance Film Festival happened the day before the festival. A few colleagues were in Park City on Wednesday, January 21, getting set for all the craziness that would kick off the following day. They went to the one major grocery store in the town to get supplies when they stumbled upon a guy shopping all by himself: Mitt Romney. Apparently, it was like spotting a unicorn: He was just there looking at bananas and going about his business like an ordinary guy. He was in town (I assume) because the documentary about him, Mitt, was premiering at the festival, but still there was something cheering and sweet about the image of Romney being normal. It was the one impression we never got of him from the campaign.

I thought about that a lot while watching Mitt, which isn't a great film but is an interesting one, particularly in how it examines the unpleasant phenomenon of failing. Americans aren't comfortable with losers: Mitt addresses the topic head-on. I wrote about that for Playboy.