Thursday, August 15, 2013

'Paranoia' Review

This is a conversation that will be happening all across America's living rooms in about three months...

Him: Hey, what should we watch on-demand tonight?

Her: What about Paranoia?

Him: Which one's that?

Her: Was that the one with Chris Hemsworth?

Him: Chris Hemsworth? You mean Thor?

Her: Oh, sorry, I mean his brother Liam.

Him: Oh, gotcha. But what's Paranoia?

Her: Isn't it about a guy on the run?

Him: Wasn't that Abduction?

Her: No, that was the one with the guy from Twilight. Paranoia has Harrison Ford and he's bald.

Him: Is that supposed to be an enticement?

Her: I guess. Listen, we have to watch something tonight.

(My review of the utterly disposable Paranoia is up at Paste.)